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Pest control pricing

Our goal is to protect your home and family from pests with Cingo's comprehensive pest control plans focused on prevention with regularly scheduled visits. We understand this is an investment, and you may prefer to try us out first if you have a specific pest problem.

Cingo offers individual pest control services, and pricing is based on the type of pest. All pest control treatments come with a 30-day warranty, with the exception of mosquitoes. Note that pricing estimates below are subject to change and may vary depending on severity, size of area to be treated or other extenuating circumstances.

Icon for Termites


From $670

These wood destroying insects cause billions of dollars in property damage each year, and the first sign may be spring swarmers.

Icon for Ants



Little black ants, frequently found in kitchens and bathrooms, are sometimes called sugar ants. Trust us, there is nothing sweet about them.

Icon for Spiders



These 8-legged arachnids are at the top of fear lists, but the truth is that only a very, very few are actually dangerous. They are, however, gross.

Icon for Roaches



American Roaches, often called Palmetto bugs, are typically large and dark brown in color. They often come from outside areas into the home.

Icon for German Roaches

German Roaches


Left untreated, German Roaches can quickly become an infestation and create a serious health hazard. Typically light brown in color, these thumb-nail sized roaches are often found in kitchens and bathrooms.

Icon for Fleas



When Fido gets fleas, he is not the only one who is miserable. Interior flea treatments can provide relief. Exterior treatment can be added for $55.

Icon for Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs


Bed Bug infestations are on the rise, particularly in urban areas. This means bringing them home in your suitcase or summer camp is becoming more common.

Icon for Mosquitoes



Ouch! Not only does a mosquito bite sting, these pesky insects can make time in your yard miserable. Treatment for 2 acres or less includes a 7 day warranty.

Icon for Stinging Insects

Stinging Insects


Wasps, bees, hornets and yellow jackets are a nuisance at best, and for some families can be life threatening. Pricing is for yard or 1st story of home. Second story or above is $350.

Icon for Rodents



Rodents like squirrels, raccoons and opossums can do major damage and are nearly impossible to prevent. Removal typically requires a 4-hour initial visit to inspect, exclude and set traps followed by multiple visits over several days.

Icon for Fire Ants

Fire Ants


Fire Ants in your home or around your yard can produce painful bites. Their mounds can be unsightly and multiply quickly.

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