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Secure your home with Cingo

Cingo means to surround and secure, and our goal is to make living in your home safer and easier to handle. Cingo Secure plans provide alerts and monitoring for fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, and intruders.

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Secure your home with Cingo

cingo secure

Rest easy with Cingo Secure

video doorbell

Video doorbells alert you to someone at your front door as well as capture video of motion around your home


The unmistakable sound of the monitored alarms will, not only, alert nearby neighbors of an event, but also dispatch local authorities


Remotely arm/disarm your home with an app to ensure your home is secured when it needs to be

window/door contacts

Receive alerts when a window or door is opened

personal emergencies

Rest assured that help is on the way with the in-app panic mode

smart home

Always be a step ahead with Z-wave compatible home automation products - lights, locks, garage doors - for safe passage back home

Rest easy with Cingo Secure

smoke/carbon monoxide detector

Protect your home and family with monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

motion detector

Protection from unwanted intruders with interior motion detection

flood sensor

Receive alerts of possible water damage with flood sensors

exterior doors

Protection on all exterior doors

unwanted activity

Receive notifications of unwanted activity on safes, medicine cabinets, windows, doors, and more

interior camera

Record video of motion or potential break ins with interior video cameras. Ensures compliance with local false alarm reduction initiatives.

door sensor

Doors sensors alert you when doors are left open. Increases safety and reduces heating/cooling bills.

24/7 monitoring

24-hour home security with live monitoring for fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide with smart technology panel

Your family deserves the comfort and peace of mind that only Cingo home protection provides.

Plans & pricing

Cingo Secure


plus $695 startup fee

Home security and life safety

Get peace of mind with protection from fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, and intruders

Cingo Secure with Video


plus $1,035 startup fee

Home security and life safety with Video

Our Cingo Secure plan plus two cameras and one video doorbell

What's included?

Icon for HD 7-inch  touchscreen

HD 7-inch  touchscreen

captures alarm events with 5-megapixel camera

Icon for glass break sensor (x2)

glass break sensor (x2)

Icon for motion sensor

motion sensor

Icon for door contact (x3)

door contact (x3)

Icon for fire/smoke/carbon monoxide detector

fire/smoke/carbon monoxide detector

Icon for app


Icon for
24-hour home security with live monitoring for fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide
Icon for
Remote control / Bluetooth disarming and in-app verification and text notifications
Icon for
Receive up to a 20% discount on home insurance with the Cingo Secure system

Optional equipment

compatible with most Z-wave technology home automation products
Icon for video doorbell

video doorbell

Icon for smart lock

smart lock

Icon for indoor camera

indoor camera

Icon for smart light bulb

smart light bulb

Icon for flood sensor

flood sensor

Icon for temperature sensor

temperature sensor

Frequently asked questions

What if my home already has a system installed?

Cingo Secure utilizes state of the art technology that may not be compatible with many legacy systems currently in the market. Cingo Secure can take the place of your existing keypad and may be able to incorporate some portions of existing systems.

Does the system require WiFi? I have a new home and may not have internet service.

Although Cingo Secure requires internet for some features to function properly the core security and life safety features of the system will operate without it. Cingo recommends installing a system prior to moving in to protect your home and family then contacting us once there is internet to set up additional features.

I already have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed in my home. Why do I need them monitored?

Smoke detectors that are installed by building code are most likely not monitored. This means that if there is a fire emergency only a local alarm is initiated inside the home. This may be good enough to alert inhabitants to leave the home but if you are unable to do so you want your system to be able to alert authorities. Cingo also monitors the operation of your smoke detectors so you can be assured that they will work when you need them most.

There are a lot of options out there that I can install myself. Why do I need professional installation?

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) solutions may be fine for notifications of non-emergencies. When it comes to the safety and well-being of your family you want to be assured that your alarm will be heard and acted upon. Cingo's state of art dual path technology coupled with professional installation provides the highest level of security.

Rest easy with Cingo Secure

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- Igor & Elizabeth Garcia
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- Ashley Kendrick
Thanks for your services! Appreciate your time on getting this done!
- Cheryl McLain
Josh Harrell was our inspector. We were very impressed with his skill as an inspector, and his interpersonal skills as well as his ability to translate the results of his inspection to us as lay people is top shelf....
- Ben Litster
Technician was completely Professional and thorough leaving nothing to chance. This was money well spent.
- James Harvey, July 2020
The amount of professionalism Russell showed was amazing. He was so thorough. I was truly amazed. He did such a great job that the seller of my home said he will undoubtedly use yalls company in the future. I also...
- Ashley Bragg | June 2020
Your representative was very courteous and professional. I wish service like this came from other providers.
- Charles Phillips
So far Cingo is meeting my home's needs and it fits into my clients needs also.
- Kevin Propst