Bed Bugs

getting prepared

a woman sitting on a bed

Customer preparations for bed bug treatments

In order for Cingo to provide the best possible service, we ask that you make a few simple preparations before we arrive. The following preparations are minimal, but they are crucial to the success of the program. If we need anything above and beyond what is listed here, we will let you know.

To prepare for service

  • DO clean up any excess clutter around your house or apartment (clothes on the floor, general items randomly on the floor or piled in a corner, etc.)
  • DO remove any pets and seal any fish tanks. Turn off the filter and air supply and wrap the tank with plastic wrap.
  • DO prepare to vacate the dwelling during the service. Plan on about 3-4 hours from the time that we arrive on site.
  • DO unlock all doors in the area being serviced. This means all bedrooms, closets etc. should be unlocked.
  • DO NOT place any item on top of beds.
  • DO NOT strip linens from beds.
  • DO NOT move beds or other furniture.
  • DO NOT store items in, on or under beds.
a person lying on a bed

What to expect when you return home

  • We may seal items that need to be laundered in trash bags. Please launder these items in a hot wash and/or dry cycle as soon as possible. Dry clean if needed.
  • You will be notified of any additional preparations which may be needed to facilitate the remaining services.
  • Inspection of furniture drawers, closets and other areas within the rooms will be necessary for a thorough treatment.

Let's partner together so you can live without bed bugs