Sample Reports

Home Inspections

Cingo offers two styles of report to best fit your needs as a prospective property owner. You can choose with confidence knowing that both styles of report exceed ASHI standards.

Sample Narrative Report

(only available in the Atlanta market)

The Narrative report tells a story about the property. This style is ideal for first time home buyers and for people wanting a deeper look into the operations of their property. The Narrative report contains lots of information about each system, as well as, handy information for caring for them. Like your car's owner manual, this report serves as a guide for your property. The Narrative report exceeds ASHI standards for property inspection reports.

Sample Core Report

The Core report gets right to the heart of the matter: identifying issues with the property so that you and your agent can decide what you are going to conquer and what you are going to ask the seller to amend. While short and straight to the point, it has all the same findings as the Narrative style, presented in a clear and concise manner, without extraneous information. It is ideal for the experienced home buyer or someone who wants "Just the facts." The Core report exceeds ASHI standards for property inspection reports.