Protect Your Home From its Biggest Threat

Protect Your Home From its Biggest Threat

The biggest threat to your home may surprise you. Whether you're fighting against severe storms or leaky pipes, water in any part of your home puts the integrity of your home and safety at risk. Damage due to water can disrupt your day-to-day life and bring a myriad of problems along with it.

Sources of water problems:

An abundance of water can stem from many different sources. The most common sources of water in your home are:

  • Leaky or old pipes/plumbing
  • Floods from severe storms
  • Clogged drainage holes or gutters

No matter where the water comes from, you have a problem on your hands that isn't easy to fix without the right team.

Water is a sign and source of life for pests
Roaches, mosquitoes, and the like see water as a source of life. Moisture in or around your home such as moist wood or soil creates the perfect habitat for pests. If there's a puddle of water in your basement, chances are unwanted visitors will soon make your home theirs.
Eliminating these sources of water will discourage any breeding habitats. It's important to take action when you notice a water problem rather than wait for the byproduct to start crawling around your home.

Water damage seeps into your wallet
Water damage escalates to mold and microbial growth issues in just a few days, which can compromise the health of everyone in your home, including your pets. Given these facts, you must begin to remedy water damage issues as soon as you can to prevent further damage.

Water damage also has long-term effects on your wallet. If left alone long enough, your home may require large-scale structural repairs that require you and your family to relocate. It can also become a factor if you ever decide to sell your home in the future. The water may have caused considerable structural faults and safety hazards in the home, such as unsound walls and mold, and the problems may continue even after the existing damage has been mitigated, especially if the source of the damage has not been properly identified and correctly fixed.

Act fast & act first
Water damage is a serious threat to your home. The impact grows exponentially when not addressed in minutes, days, weeks, and months. When it comes to water damage, it's a problem that only gets worse with time. Without a quick response, water will cause considerable damage to your home as time passes. The best solution to water damage is a proactive one.

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