Prepare Your Backyard for Summertime Activities

Prepare Your Backyard for Summertime Activities

As summer kicks into high gear, your backyard becomes a hot spot for outdoor activities, but also becomes the prime location for potential threats. Your home, inside and out, is your domain. You should have the freedom to relax in any part of your property without the threat of pests or prowlers ruining your peace of mind, even outside. Here's how you can ensure an uninterrupted summer in your backyard:

Backyard Doesn't Mean Backburner

If you're a new or existing homeowner, you know the long list of to-dos it takes to make your house feel like a home. After spending copious amounts of time organizing the interior, outdoor areas can take the backburner on the priority list.

The care you put into the front of the home should be matched in the back. Clutter and debris like excess leaves, fallen branches, kids toys, and even lawn furniture can be the perfect hiding (and breeding) spots for pests of all kinds, especially if left for long periods of time.

Pests aren't the only problem lurking in your yard. Structural issues like incomplete fencing or a rotten plank of wood on your deck can seem minuscule because they're often "out of sight, out of mind", but the longer it's left unchecked or unaddressed, the more damage it does to your home and your wallet.

Secure the Connections to the Outside

It doesn't take much space for pests to enter your home, especially if they're hitching a ride in your dog's fur or on your kid's sock. Prowlers on the other hand, look for weaknesses on the exterior of your home, like faulty locks and rotting door frames to make their entrance.

Whether it's preventing pests from entering your home, keeping intruders out, or even making sure you have a safe exit in case of an emergency, securing entry points is critical to your safety and peace of mind.

Don't let the consequences (water damage, an army of ants in your kitchen, termite-damaged walls, etc) be your first indication of a problem. Take initiative and enjoy your summer outdoors by identifying and understanding the warning signs and how to prevent them with a professional like Cingo that prioritizes your safety.

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