April Showers Bring May Mosquitos

April Showers Bring May Mosquitos

There's no doubt that springtime is beautiful. Flowers begin to bloom, birds start singing earlier and earlier, and summer is just around the corner. But when April showers come to bring us blooming plant life, they bring pests, like mosquitos, along with them. Here are some ways you can prevent mosquitos from ruining your spring:

Eliminate Excess Water:

Water is a source of life for mosquitos and other pests. Heavy rainfall leaves puddles and pools of water that become perfect breeding grounds for mosquitos. Surprisingly, they can even breed in containers as small as a bottle cap.

Clogged gutters, bad drainage pipes, and leaky plumbing can all make heavy rainfall worse without the proper care. Identify and regularly empty water from these sources to eliminate any potential breeding habitats. Keep in mind hidden or commonly looked over sources such as bird baths, lawn furniture, children's toys, etc.

Take a Proactive Approach

Preventing a mosquito infestation starts with proactive protection, but it's hard to find the right solutions if you aren't sure what you're looking for. When you work with a preventative pest professional from Cingo, you can find peace of mind in knowing your safety and comfort is their priority.

With comprehensive a home inspection, pest evaluation, and regularly scheduled visits to catch potential issues before they infringe on your way of life, Cingo will ensure your home will never have unwanted guests that you aren't prepared for. Don't let pesky pests stop you from enjoying your home.

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