A child’s success starts with early investment of time, love

A child’s success starts with early investment of time, love

Imagine the frustration and hopelessness when everyday experiences that should be safe and comfortable are not.

Cingo's Circle & Shield

Consider the mother who resorts to a delivery service because going to the store with an autistic child is too traumatic. And the teenager who is afraid of crowds and noises, to the point that her family simply doesn't go outside. And the parent who sits in the school parking lot, waiting for the inevitable daily phone call to come remove her out-of-control daughter.

These are the opportunities that touch Nicole Orsini's heart.

A board-certified behavior analyst working in Charleston, SC, her private practice works to help families transform pain into progress, all with the idea of helping children develop the skills they need to live safe, secure, and, eventually, independent lives.

"The best predictor of how successful these children will be in the future is the time we're investing in them now," says Nicole.

Nicole creates a unique plan that helps a family cope with an autistic child's stress or limited abilities. The seeds for Nicole's work with autistic children were planted when she was in high school. Working at a preschool program, she found herself drawn to a child who couldn't speak, staying to himself in the corner while other children played. Her proudest moment — "in my whole life," she says — came when this four-year-old shared his drawing with his parents at a parent-teacher conference.

"He carried a drawing over to his mother and told her it was 'Micole, Micole,' she said. "Those were his first words ever — my name. It was the most amazing moment of my life. I didn't even know this field existed, but I knew I needed to find it."

This year Nicole started a pre-school clinic to help children acquire the fundamental behavioral skills they'll need in a typical school environment. And next?

"I want to help people in the community understand the struggles these families have. And, of course, I want to help children feel safe and successful," she says. "In the meantime, my heart is happy every day."

About Circle & Shield

Cingo means to surround and secure — to protect. That's what we do. And we have a lot of respect for those who take it upon themselves to make protection a part of what they do, too. That's why we've launched Circle & Shield, our award to a member of the community who helps make the world a better place, a safer place.

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